About us

Our company

Knuckle Dragger Holds was started by two guys who became friends through their love of climbing.  They meet at their local climbing gym and decided to figure out how to make the plastic rocks mounted on indoor climbing walls.

Since that early start Knuckle Dragger Holds has grown their line of shapes and created some unique designs.  With their energy and unique concepts, Knuckle Dragger Holds will continue to offer top quality holds for the climbing industry.

Our team

TJ – Is an avid climber and would live at the gym if they would let him.  He is the head shaper for Knuckle Dragger Holds and continues to improve his craft.  Climbing all day and shaping all night he comes up with his best shapes around 2am.

Steve – Would love to climb more but his family life takes up a lot of time.  When he’s not climbing or with his family, he does some shaping in his basement.  Sometimes his kids will try helping.  He focuses more on the business side of Knuckle Dragger Holds.